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Where to Purchase Permits

There are no entrance fees to visit Dane County Park properties, however some activities require a reservation or a permit. See our complete list of Activities Requiring PermitsDane County Parks offers the following methods to purchase a permit.  Some purchase methods may not be available for all permit types or at all locations.


1)  Purchase online. 
For permits that are available to purchase online, enter your mailing and credit card information and you will receive an annual permit in the mail. An email or printed receipt will serve as a daily permit and can be used as proof of annual permit until the physical permit arrives in the mail. Click on the link below to purchase.

Purchase Permits Online


2)  Purchase at a park and/or trailhead using an electronic pay station.  Electronic pay stations are currently available at Capital Springs Dog Park (for dog and disc golf permits only) and the boat launch at William G. Lunney Lake Farm County Park (for lake access permits only). These pay stations offer visitors the option to pay by credit card (cash and check are not accepted at the pay stations). Visitors will receive a printed receipt which serves as the daily permit. If an annual permit is purchased, the printed receipt will be valid for 30 days and will need to be exchanged for a validated permit. This printed receipt can be mailed or brought to the Dane County Parks Office where it will be exchanged for an actual permit.

The use of electronic pay stations was suggested by park patrons as way to provide a more convenient and secure system than the self-registration envelopes currently in use. Feedback will be collected from users through 2020 to determine the future of this permit method.

3)  Contact or visit the Dane County Parks Office. 
Please note that our office is currently CLOSED due to COVID-19 virus precautionary measures.
Permits may be purchased by calling or visiting the Dane County Parks Office during business hours. In addition, some activities require approval from the Parks Office. For more information, see our complete list of Activities Requiring Permits.


4)  Purchase at a participating vendor. 
See our list of Participating Vendors that sell disc golf, dog park, or lake access permits.