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Special Events & Weddings

Looking for a special venue for your family reunion, wedding or other event? Dane County Parks offer locations in unique natural settings including SheltersLussier Family Heritage Center, and Group Campsites.

When is a Special Event Permit required?

Will your event need a little extra planning and coordination on our part?  If so, it may require a Special Event Permit issued by Dane County Parks. 

If one or more of the criteria below describes your event, a special event permit may be required. Please submit a Special Event Request and Park staff will contact you. Use our Special Event Price Guide below to help with planning.

Special Event Criteria Examples:

  • Public event (such as a walk/run; bike event, music event, fishing tournament, etc.). 
  • Charging a fee for people to attend or participate
  • More than 200 people are expected to attend (exceeding 200 does not automatically mean that it’s a special event)
  • Group campsite reservations with over 75 campers
  • Sale of food, alcohol or merchandise
  • You’re interested in holding an event outside of our regular shelter reservation schedule
  • A school event, such as a cross country meet, etc. (a shelter reservation for a school picnic would most likely not rise to the level of a special event unless a large volume of people were expected that would trigger other needs, such as mowing for parking, or special waste collection)
  • Use areas of the park other than shelters or group camps (such as trails, boat launches, open areas, etc.)
  • Use of extensive or multiple park areas
  • Use of any sound amplification device that produces excessive, loud or unusual noises
  • Use of park areas outside normal park hours (this is generally discouraged, even for special events, but there may be exceptions)
  • Require additional:
    • Parking - more than is provided
    • Waste collection (trash and recycle) than is provided
    • Mowing of areas not usually mowed
  • Require portable toilet.
  • Deviate from the Park Rules and Regulations (ex. camping in an undesignated area)
  • Other criteria as determined by Dane County Parks

If none of the above criteria describes your event, please continue to our Online Reservation System to make reservations for Shelters, Lussier Family Heritage Center, and Group Campsites.

Thank you for choosing Dane County Parks for your event. We look forward to working with you!