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Anderson Farm County Park

Anderson Farm County Park was established in 2014 and is located just south of the Village of Oregon. The park is approximately 310 acres of woodland, agricultural fields, and restored prairies. The park offers a network of woodland hiking trails through the Arthur Sholts Memorial Woods, a 33.8-acre off-leash dog park with limestone trails through restored prairie, a 2.4-acre small dog park, and community garden plots. A central paved bike trail connects the Dog Park with the Memorial Woods and the Village of Oregon. Hiking trails border agricultural fields throughout the park.

The park is named after the Lyman F. Anderson Family farmstead that was founded at the site in 1886. Lyman F. Anderson, who passed away in 2005, was a former County Board Supervisor and also served in the Wisconsin State Legislature.

Park Interpretive Panels (PDFs):

This park is supported by Anderson Park Friends.