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Dane County Parks

General Rules

Noise and Personal Conduct

The use of any sound amplification device, loudspeaker, generator, or other device that produces excessively loud or unusual noise is strictly prohibited, unless a permit has been obtained and it is allowed on a particular property.

  1. No noisy, drunken, or disorderly person shall be permitted to remain on Dane County property.
  2. It's illegal to deface, destroy, or vandalize any county property or natural growth.
  3. All controlled substances and paraphernalia, identified in Chapter 161, WI State Statutes, shall be prohibited from use or possession.


  1. Visit our Dogs in Parks page to view requirements for dogs in parks.
  2. No pets are allowed in designated beach areas at Goodland, Mendota, and Stewart Lake County Parks.
  3. Horses are allowed on designated horse trails only and must be kept under control.


  1. A permit is required for vehicles parked outside of the campsite area.
  2. Vehicles are restricted to designated roadways, parking areas, and authorized campsites.
  3. Vehicles must abide by state laws and operate at the posted speed limit within the park.


  1. No commercial or household waste is allowed.
  2. All litter, debris, and trailer refuse must be removed or placed in areas or containers provided.

Tents & Special Equipment

This also includes chairs, tables, and play equipment.

  1. Installing tents or other structures that are larger than 12' x 12' and require stakes or pins to be driven into the ground more than six inches will result in an additional fee to cover the marking of underground utilities.
  2. A certificate of insurance may be required when bringing additional equipment into a park. 
  3. Please call (608) 224-3730 for more information.


  1. No model rockets, other launched projectiles, and explosives including fireworks are allowed in the parks.
  2. No remote controlled aircraft are allowed in the parks except at the Badger Prairie County Park aeromodeling field by permit only.

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