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Park Use During Hunting Season

Dane County Park System properties are enjoyed by a variety of visitors, including hunters, fisherman, hikers, dog walkers and bird watchers. Visitors should always read the signs and maps at parking lots, trailheads and lake access sites and be familiar with state and local laws and ordinances that might affect their use of these public lands. Visit the Season Dates webpage (WDNR) for information on open hunting season dates.

Hunting is allowed at the following county properties:

To determine a parks classification and if hunting is allowed on a property, please consult the Park System webpage, property signage onsite, or contact the Dane County Parks Office at (608) 224-3730. To learn more, visit our Hunting webpage.


For your safety, it is recommended that you follow several guidelines while enjoying the outdoors during the fall, winter, and spring. Some safety recommendations applicable to the use of county parklands include:

1. Know Before You Go: hunting season dates set by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
2. Wear “Blaze Orange” or other highly visible clothing.
3. IF YOU HIKE WITH A DOG, it should wear a blaze orange vest and be on a leash at all times, unless engaged in hunting activities. 
4. USE EXTRA CAUTION AT DAWN and DUSK. Hunting activity may increase at dawn and dusk when animals are feeding. Please wear reflective vests if you hike during these times of low visibility. Using a headlamp is a good idea, too.
5. AVOID HUNTER INTERFERENCE. It is prohibited by Wisconsin law to interfere with people engaged in lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping (WI Statutes 29.083).
6. BE HEARD. Make sure you are heard, by whistling, singing, or talking while you hike.

If you encounter rule violations or become aware of an issue, please contact the Dane County Parks Office at (608) 224-3730 or email

If needed, the Dane County Sheriff's Non-Emergency Dispatch number is (608) 266-4948.