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The Aeromodeling Field has CLOSED for the season.

Aeromodeling / Drones

Aeromodeling (including drones) is only allowed in one location within Dane County Park System: at the aeromodeling field located at the east side of Badger Prairie County Park. This is the only public facility to fly remote controlled model aircraft or drones in the county parks.

An Aeromodelling Permit is required for any remotely controlled aircraft and can be purchased online

Rules for Flying

 Rules for flying drones, rockets, and remote controlled aircraft:

  • No model rockets, other launched projectiles, and explosives including fireworks are allowed in the parks.
  • Standing within a park and operating a remote controlled aircraft, including drones, is not allowed except at the Badger Prairie County Park aeromodeling field by permit only. We do not regulate air space or flying over park land.
  • Friends groups may work with the Parks Director to get a special permit to use drones for events or park promotion.
  • The Dane County Parks Aeromodeling Field does not have a FAA Recognized Identification Area (FRIA) designation. Drone pilots using the Dane County Parks Aeromodeling Field are required to meet all FAA rules, including the new remote ID requirements.