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Scout Opportunities

There are many opportunities for Scouts of all ages to complete projects that benefit Dane County Parks. Often Scouts reach out with creative ideas for how to improve parks or address issues that staff may not have thought of or lack the time and resources to address. Benefits of volunteering include:

  • Make a real impact that benefits Dane County Parks, visitors, natural resources, and/or wildlife
  • Gain experience and leadership skills, which add to a professional resume
  • Fulfill volunteer/service hours
  • Earn letters of recommendation

Dane County Parks receives dozens of requests for projects each year, but not all are approved. To increase the odds that a project will be approved, a Scout must demonstrate maturity and excellent planning skills, and have a well-considered project that meets park goals. 


  • Must meet all requirements as described by scout organization. For example, Eagle Scouts must follow guidelines and requirements found in the Scouts BSA.
  • Have a desire to work independently and/or as part of a group to accomplish a staff-approved project within the Dane County Parks System that meets the needs of staff or Friends Groups.
  • Register as a volunteer with the Dane County Parks Volunteer Program.

Project Planning:

  • Eagle Scouts must follow all steps as outlined in the Eagle Scout Guidelines Policy (PDF). Other scouts may find these guidelines helpful.
  • Scouts may discuss their initial project concepts and timelines with Dane County Park staff, volunteers, or Friends Groups. Project ideas may be rejected if it is determined they are NOT useful or necessary to park spaces.
  • Final project ideas and timelines must be approved by staff.

Register as a Volunteer:

Prior to beginning a Project, the Scout and their legal guardian(s) must complete and return the Volunteer Registration Form (PDF). The completed form allows the Scout to volunteer for other Dane County Parks volunteer events. 

If you cannot fill out the waiver electronically, you must print it out and complete a paper copy.

Returning the Waiver:

  1. Email an electronic or scanned copy to:
  2. By mail: Dane County Parks, Attn. Claire Lamberg, 4212 Robertson Rd., Madison WI 53714

For scout troops wanting to volunteer as a group:

  • For activities during the weekend or week-day evening, look to see if a Dane County Parks Friends Group can host you. Many of our Friends Groups have a variety of projects that scout troops help to complete throughout the year. 
  • For activities during the week, view our Group Volunteering webpage.  

Examples of past projects:

  • Poetry Trail boxes at Prairie Moraine County Park
  • Compost bins at the food donation garden plot at Anderson Farm County Park
  • Installation of native trees and shrubs for migratory bird habitat at William G. Lunney Lake Farm County Park
  • Construction of bluebird boxes in a style recommended by the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin 
  • Trail signage installation
  • and much more!




If you have questions about the scout project process, contact:

Dane County Parks Volunteer Program 
(608) 220-9678