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Friends Groups & Partners

Dane County Parks Friends Groups and partner organizations are made up of passionate people with varied interests and skill sets who volunteer their time and services in support of properties within the Dane County Parks System. Friends Group members are as varied as the parks they help promote.

What do Friends Groups Do?

Groups work on a variety of activities that provide direct support to individual park properties, including:

  • Organize, coordinate, and run scheduled volunteer workdays
  • Coordinate and assist with special events
  • Install and monitor various forms of wildlife habitat
  • Partner with other organizations to build community
  • Apply for grants and fundraise for projects
  • And much more! 
Find a Group

Join one of our many Friends Group or get involved with a partner organization to support the Dane County Park System and form meaningful connections with others.

Find a Friends Group or Partner
Create a Group

If your favorite Dane County Park System property doesn't currently have a Friends Group, we welcome conversations regarding new group formation. Please learn more below before setting up a conversation. 

Create a Friends Group
Resources for Friends & Partners
  • Grant Programs
  • Outreach Resources
  • Signage Guidelines
  • Special Event Programming
  • Stewardship & Training
  • Special Event & Tool Trailers

Friends Group Resources


Foundation for Dane County Parks

Logo for the Foundation for Dane County Parks. A stick figure holding leaves above its head.

The Foundation for Dane County Parks is a 501(c)(3) organization with a passionate team of people dedicated to raising funds to support the Dane County Park System by promoting volunteerism, education, interpretation, and community involvement.

The Foundation provides support to Dane County Parks, helping to fund volunteer programming and Friends Group activities.



If you have questions about Friends Groups, contact:

Claire Lamberg
Land & Water Volunteer Coordinator
(608) 516-3703