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Joyce M. Baer & George J. Socha Conservancy

This 140-acre conservancy is within the Maunesha River Natural Resource Area located in northeast Dane County. Joyce M. Baer & George J. Socha generously donated the property for future generations to enjoy its solitude as a nature conservancy.

The conservancy offers quiet, nature based outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching and foraging for nuts, berries and mushrooms. There are many unique and scenic features including over one mile of frontage along the Maunesha River and several drumlins formed by the last glaciation. Future enhancements include a canoe landing, additional hiking trails, pedestrian bridges and a second parking lot.


Google Maps are provided for reference. Trails, park boundaries, parking lots and other features on this map may not be up-to-date. Please check the official maps for up-to-date information.