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Prairie Moraine County Park - Restoration

Property: Prairie Moraine County Park
Project Status: Active or in Progress
Schedule: Ongoing

Dane County Parks staff and volunteers have been working to restore the three primary natural resource communities which historically existed in the park: prairie, oak savanna/opening, and oak woodland -- view our Natural Areas Program webpage for more information. The proliferation of invasive/aggressive species has diminished the use of the area where dogs can safely run, blocked views of significant geologic features, and crowded out native vegetation. The restored landscape will provide improved ecosystem benefits, such as water infiltration and pollinator habitat, and offers a biologically diverse landscape for exploration. The restoration project is anticipated to be completed through a variety of activities over multiple years.

Activity:  Oak Savanna and Woodland Restoration
Project Schedule: Fall 2022, Completion
Goals: remove invasive species and restore native oak savanna and woodland vegetation, enhance dog exercise space, and restore views of significant geologic features.
Dane County Parks staff and volunteers are working in an 11-acre temporarily fenced area to remove invasive species and replant oak savanna and woodland vegetation according to current plans. Work includes removal of aggressive/invasive species including multiflora rose, autumn olive, buckthorn, honeysuckle, boxelder, and grey dogwood. Occasional shade and fruit trees are being retained and native flowers and grasses will be added along with a limited number of native shrubs and oaks. Temporary fencing will allow work to proceed with minimal disruption to park visitors and their dogs.

For more information on vegetation management at this park, please view the Plans & Documents tab below. Much of the restoration work is being accomplished with the help of Ice Age Trail Alliance and Prairie Moraine Friends, Inc volunteers.


Lars Higdon, Botanist/Naturalist
Dane County Parks Division
4318 Robertson Rd.
Madison, WI 53714
(608) 245-6898