Dane County Park System

A wildlife area consists of land that is primarily undeveloped with the exception of limited parking opportunities along the outer fringes.  Management practices focus on providing wildlife habitat and undeveloped recreation uses such as hunting, trapping, hiking, foraging, snowshoeing, fishing and cross country skiing.  Visit our Wildlife Areas webpage for more information.  For more information on hunting, please visit the Parks Hunting webpage.

A natural resource area consists of land that is specifically set aside for the protection of a valuable natural environment and/or greenbelt corridor that were identified through a public process. This can include habitat protection and open space preservation. Recreation at natural resource areas is a secondary objective, and users are encouraged to enjoy the resource as is.  For more information, please visit the Parks Natural Resources Areas webpage.

A historical/cultural site consists of land that is specifically set aside for the preservation, restoration, or reconstruction of features significant to the history or cultural heritage of an area. This can include historic buildings, reconstruction of historic buildings, and archaeological sites. Activities at a historic site may be limited to sightseeing and the study of the historic or cultural features. Recreation use at these properties should be extremely passive, such as trail use, nature study and picnicking.

A forest in the Dane County Parks system consists of lands where timber is managed using sustainable methods and where some passive recreation such as hiking, cross-country skiing, berry picking, wildlife observation, hunting, snowshoeing and foraging may occur. Dane County forests are different from other county forests, where more active and motorized uses may occur.

Multi-use hard surface trails typically have a minimum 10’ wide maintained surface and accommodate hiking, biking and in-line skating.

The Lussier Family Heritage Center is a year-round Dane County Parks facility available for weddings & receptions, meetings, educational programs, retreats, conferences and special events. Located in Lake Farm County Park within the Capital Springs State Recreation Area, it is the gateway to the 3,600 acre Lewis Nine Springs E-Way Corridor Resources Protection Area, which runs from Verona Road east to Lake Waubesa.  Please visit the Lussier Family Heritage Center webpage for more information.