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Memorials and Tribute Gifts

Commemorate a special event or create a memorial or tribute to a loved one. In addition to honoring a special person or event, your gift will bring new life to our parks and be enjoyed by parks visitors. All memorial and tribute gifts will be maintained by parks staff for a minimum of 20 years.

Examples of memorial and tribute gifts are listed below. If you would like to donate one of these items, please complete the Gifts Request Form and mail or email it back to us. If you have an idea for a unique gifts (artwork, playgrounds, landscape features, etc) that does not fall under one of the gift options categories below, use the Uniqe Gift Request Form to describe your proposal.  

If you have any questions regarding a memorial or tribute you can also contact the Dane County Parks Office at (608) 224-3730.


Gift Options

Living Legacy Tree Donation – cost varies
This living gift will strengthen and grow year after year. The Parks Forester will work with you to help determine tree location and species. Please note that tree donations do not have an option for a plaque.  Requirements: trees must be 1.5” diameter or larger and purchased through a local nursery or landscape company. The nursery or landscape company must install the tree in the designated location.

Park Bench - $4,000
This gift will provide a new space for rest and contemplation in a serene setting. Benches are made of recycled plastic lumber and have an installed flagstone foot rest. Gift includes a 2” x 6” plaque (photo). We are not currently accepting bench requests for Brigham County Park, Indian Lake County Park, Prairie Moraine County Park or Pheasant Branch Conservancy due to a high number of benches in those locations.

Permanent Table - $6,500
Create a new area for friends and loved ones to gather in your favorite park. This permanent table features an iron frame with a recycled plastic top and the option for 4 or 3 seats (to provide wheelchair access). Gift includes engraved plaque (photo).

Large Park Kiosk - $7,500 (two-sided) or $8,500 (three sided)
Create a new place for educational signage and park information. These two- or three-sided iron framed kiosks include a concrete pad and recognition plaques placed in each window.  

Trail Rest Stop or Bike Repair Station - $10,000+ depending on features
Create a new place to rest and recover along one of our paved bike and pedestrian trails. Includes a concrete pad and bike parking loop with optional features such as a bench or table with a sun canopy or bike parking. Gift includes a 6” x 10” plaque.

Details and Specifications (PDF) for all memorial and tribute items listed above.

Dog Memorial Gifts

Dane County Parks created one of the first dog park programs in the nation and today they are some of our most used and beloved parks. Several of the memorials listed above can be installed in our dog parks to memorialize a canine loved one. If you are interested in a larger donation, such as a shade structure or play structure, please contact our office to discuss options.