Anderson Farm Dog Park Project

Dane County Parks is developing a 40-acre dog park and a paved shared-use trail at Anderson Farm Anderson Farm PrairieCounty Park. This project is identified in the Anderson Farm County Park Master Plan, adopted in 2013, and was a recommendation in the 2018-2023 Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan.

The dog park will be located at the southern end of the park and will convert approximately 35 acres of cropland to prairie. The dog park will include perimeter fencing with a separate small dog area, two paved parking lots, a stormwater basin, and an edible orchard. The shared-use trail will be a 10-foot wide paved trail that parallels Union Road connecting the dog park with the Arthur Sholts Memorial Woods and the adjacent neighborhood to the north via the existing South Main Street access.

Project Status:  Design & Permitting, 2019
Anticipated Schedule:  Construction, Spring 2020

Parks Operations staff will be completing tree removals along the trail corridor and prairie seeding in the dog park during winter 2019/2020.