Capital City Trail Pavement Restoration

Capital City State Trail

Dane County Parks is undertaking the first major upgrade to the Capital City State Trail since its completion in 2000 by repaving the original 9.5 miles of trail from Nob Hill Road to Verona Road to improve both ride and safety. The project is anticipated to be completed in three phases in three years, 2018-2020. Phase one is scheduled to commence in the summer of 2018 with phases two and three anticipated to follow in consecutive years.  New updates will include the installation of ADA compliant detectable warning panels at road and railroad crossings as well as the implementation of the Capital City Trail Wayfinding Plan on all phases.

10/5/2018 - The Capital City Trail should still be considered CLOSED between Nob Hill Road and Glacier Valley Drive.  Final installation of remaining signage, crosswalk improvements and landscape restoration is anticipated to be completed over the next two weeks pending dry weather conditions.  The project schedule has been significantly delayed by the frequent and heavy rain events throughout August and September.  A press release will be issued when the trail is open to the public.


Phase 1 – Nob Hill Road to Glacier Valley Road
Project Status:  Trail CLOSED for Construction
Schedule:   Construction on this section of trail began in July and is anticipated to reopen mid-October.

Dane County was awarded a $45,000 Recreational Trails Program grant and a $245,000 Stewardship Grant from the DNR for 6.5 miles of trail restoration on phase one from Nob Hill Road to Glacier Valley Road. Payne and Dolan was awarded the Bid of $948,200 for phase one and will commence work in the summer 2018.  The restoration work will include culvert replacements, gravel base and shoulder restoration, milling/pulverizing existing asphalt and asphalt resurfacing. Informational signage will be posted along the trail and at kiosks regarding the project schedule, alternative routes and other relevant information.

Phase 2 – Glacier Valley Road to Seminole Highway
Project Status:   Planning
Anticipated Schedule:  Construction in 2019.

Scope:  Pavement restoration work will include updates to the Solar Lighting Test Area and Nine Springs Creek crossing improvements.

Phase 3 – Seminole Highway to Verona Road
Project Status:   Planning
Anticipated Schedule:  Construction in 2020.

Scope: Pavement restoration work will address drainage improvements and existing flooding issues at the Dunn’s Marsh Bike Roundabout.  Dane County is working with other municipalities to assess the problem and to identify funding for this portion of the project. Updates will be added as the project develops.